About the European Lacrosse Federation

The European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) is the organisational body for lacrosse played in Europe including women’s and men’s lacrosse.

The ELF’s mission is as follows:

To develop and maintain all forms of Lacrosse throughout Europe.
To undertake, to support and foster the standards of play as may be laid down, from time to time, by all recognised International and / or National Lacrosse Associations.
To provide means of communication between all European Lacrosse playing and developing Associations.
To provide, wherever possible, assistance to the forming of any new Lacrosse Association.
To foster goodwill and fellowship through Lacrosse in Europe.

Board Members

President: Steph Migchelsen
Men’s Vice President: Scott Neiss
Women’s Vice President: Anikó Illyés
Honorary Secretary: Jan van Cauwenberge
Honorary Treasurer: Kurt Rothleitner

ELF Coordinator

European Men’s Referee Coordinator: Barbara Zelenay
European Women’s Umpire Coordinator: Giles Clark
European Men’s Coaching Coordinator: Ben Lucas
European Women’s Coaching Coordinator: Robert Eakins
Box Lacrosse Coordinator: Sean Gibson