Lenka Peskova awarded the Gil Giles Award

Congratulations to Lenka Peskova on being awarded the Gil Giles Award in recognition of her contribution to the game of Lacrosse.

Lenka Peskova has, played, managed and coached the Czech National Women’s team.

Over the years Lenka has occupied roles as a player, a coach and the manager of the Czech national team, contributing to the growth and development of Czech lacrosse. She is also known across europe for her work as an Umpire and Mentor, a career which led her to officiate at the Rathbones Womens Lacrosse World Cup in Guildford, UK this summer.

As the game grows Lenka has played a key part in supporting our younger umpires stepping up to the European and international stages, a vital part of raising the level of the game across Europe as a whole.

Funny, friendly and hard working, Lenka embodies the spirit of European Lacrosse and we thank her for all she gives the sport.

“I’m so pleased Lenka has won this year’s Gil Giles award. Lenka is involved in every aspect of lacrosse- she coaches, umpires, manages and dedicates herself to growing the next generation of players in the Czech Republic. Thank you Lenka for all your hard work.” – Steph Migchelsen, President of the ELF

“Lenka is an inspiration to all of us. She displays a love of lacrosse that is seldom seen, and goes to great lengths to engage, mentor, and train others. European lacrosse would not be the same without her.” – Séraphine Aelterman, ELF Umpire Coordinator

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